Christoforos Veneris- Bakery

Four generations traditional bakeries, in the city center of Heraklion.

The Story

Christoforos Veneris Bakery, consists of two bakeries and a cook house named Mageirio.

Smirnis & Giannitson Bakery has a direct access to a covered walkway, where is the coffee house. Greek coffee in embers, but also all kinds of coffees, hot and cold drinks, beverages, fresh juices, will accompany a series of fresh delicacies: fluffy croissants, fragrant brioche, sesame breadcrumbs, puff pastry and inflatable muffins, trans in delicious combinations. Next to this covered walkway, is Magireio cook house.

At Magireio homemade food is daily served and cooked with passion. Ingredients are chosen based on the season, the freshness, and all bought from locals producers. Excellent quality Cretan virgin olive oil and  simple way of cooking, are offering traditional and favorite dishes, delicious and healthy. Legumes, oilseeds, soups, seasonal greens, salads, juvettes, pastitsio, moussaka, well-cooked meats and poultry, always fresh seafood and fish. Each day the menu is made up by combining the most fresh and seasonal raw materials.


Averof & Evans Bakery  is located in a very crowded  crossroad in the city center. Customers can find all kind of fresh, handmade breads, snacks and sweets with flavors that take off all the senses, homemade ice cream, and a grab and go original espresso blend coffee. 


We succeeded 357% Instagram account growth, from the first semester.

First of all, our main target with Christoforos Veneris Bakeries, was to attune the values of the company with social media accounts. Moreover, to begin interacting with new and old customers, and create a strong local brand awareness. Also for Mageirio was necessary to communicate the daily menu in order to inform people for their meal choices.

Our main goal, was to reveal to the public that all products are fresh and handmade. For this reason, we create small stories from the bakery’s preparation laboratory, where bakers prepare and bake all products. Finally we provide, for Mageirio cook house daily instagram story feeds to inform clients for everyday menu.

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