Dr. Theodoros I. Xirotiris- Plastic Surgeon

A professional plastic surgeon, who makes his interventions look natural.
The Story

Dr. Theodoros I.  Xirotiris is a modern cultured  plastic surgeon, with many years of experience, who is based in Crete. Except his own office in the city center in Heraklion, Dr. Xirotiris cooperates with the largest and finest hotels, such as Out of the Blue Capsis hotel in Agia Pelagia, as a personal plastic surgeon for hotel guests. Also, he operates plastic surgeries at the biggest clinics in Crete and Athens. 

Our goal with doctor Theodoros I.  Xirotiris was to educate a small society as Heraklion, that plastic surgeries are not a taboo anymore. Especially, It can be a mean for people to gain their lost confidence and make their life better. Plastic surgeries besides, from beauty issues can restore breast mastectomy, remove skin carcinoma etc and can help people to return easier to their normal life.

We designed an online booking appointment platform, to help clients directly impact with the doctor’s office.

Firstly, we redesigned his website and refresh the content, mostly with videos that display Dr. Theodoros I. Xirotiris to operate pre-surgery appointments and surgeries with blurred essential content.

Secondly, we designed an online appointment plarform, in order clients to immediate book one, via his website https://www.plasticos-irakleio.gr/book . Moreover each month, fresh content is uploaded at website blog and at social media accounts with photos of new incidents, before and after surgery, techniques and tips. Finally, w
e set up Google Business for doctor’s office and created a series of banners, with client reviews to gain future client trust.

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Website: https://www.plasticos-irakleio.gr/